GoPro in golf – Not just for extreme sports

This video might be another proof that GoPro action cams work very well with golf, not only for surfers, scuba divers, skiers and wingsuit jumpers. I own a GoPro Hero 2 myself and used it a few times for golf but always felt a bit weird around the green carrying a small tripod with an action camera mounted. It is obviously something relatively new to the game of golf.

But I have to say, when you are out with the right buddies and you have some fun – why should someone be bothered by a camera, especially when the result is a nice short film that captures the perfect day in HD for the rest of the life.

So golfers, embrace the new wave of high tech even on the golf course, get armored with GoPros, head mounts, tripods, poles and creativity and create something similar to this:

IThis is an official GoPro video by the way, which underlines that GoPro starts reaching out to the target group of tech-savvy and young at heart golfers. I for one will keep going with my cam and try to come up with some nice golf footage in the future… who knows: the Australia trip is just around the corner – might get some nice shots over there!

If you really want to take some great footage of your shots, then maybe it’s worth investing in a gopro gimbal, to keep the camera steady when you are moving. Something like the GoPro Karma grip (€349,99 without gopro) or DJI Osmo ($649) will make sure you capture that birdie, in perfect crystal clarity. For those of you who enjoy to view your swing in slo-motion, the Osmo can shoot 1080p HD video at 120fps!

More Golf Tricks with GoPro

Just a couple of bros chilling on the driving range, hitting trick shots. No big thang.